064 FIFM – Don’t Underestimate the Power of Connections

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064 FIFM – Don’t Underestimate the Power of Connections

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Imagine what would happen if you took less than 5-minutes to make a connection with someone new?  In this episode you’ll hear a story of how a few connections turned into 6-figure contracts. 

There are so many times during the day where we are too busy to pay attention to people and to introduce ourselves.  The more we ignore people the less opportunities we have to grow in all areas of life.




Hey this is Dean Soto, founder of prosulum.com and freedominfiveminutes.com and we’re here with another freedom in five minutes episode Today’s topic is this

Don’t underestimate

the power of connections that and more coming up

so good morning good morning I can’t tell I’m still in the city all those cars behind me I’m trying to find out as I’m doing this podcast so nice when we’re going to come when I’m in the country and there’s literally no sound whatsoever so it sounds nice. So I’m not having to having to fight this traffic. So let me see if I can go into this area over here, which should be a little bit quieter anyway. What ever


had a couple of cool things happen the last couple of days that show

show the power of,

of just making some kind of connection can and the opportunity loss when you don’t

or the opportunity costs I should say. Alright cool. So we’re going to

start speaking up the normal way. Okay I think we’re good over here. All right, sorry. Whatever reason, I’m kind of kind of nervous right now. It’s kind of weird. Anyway, so the


so I just got finished right now

doing my kind of morning routine and did some did some Barbies. I need to go get my green smoothie, got to do some other things like my

Love notes my my kids and my wife and so on,

but just got finished with the majority of that. And

the interesting thing was

especially this is not it is pretty I guess normal for city folk but

toward the end I was walking on the sidewalk and I had a jogger go by he was an older guy maybe looks probably around 60 something jog in it, looking directly at me as he’s coming down

and then at the very end proceeds to I say good morning and he literally had nothing is yours. Nothing at all. looks away and says nothing.

And I’m like, Ooh,

that kind of hurts. Right? That literally just complete

Lee blows me off and that’s that you know I’m not gonna lie, it hurts hurts my ego and probably hurt your ego and and so on. Not that not that that’s the reason why I’m bringing this up in the first place but it was kind of the trigger it was kind of the trigger that made me think about this and some of the things that have happened throughout the last few days well

well so here’s that guy who who walks by who


if you think about it, and it’s not it’s not necessarily reality that this would actually happen but if you think about it, how many opportunities are missed simply by not connecting with somebody for

a minute or two Not that I wanted to stop but obviously say you know, to be nice to say hi, but

At the same time, when you think about it,

think about all of the things all of the times, you could be missing a really, really good connection, a really, really good connection with somebody,

that connection could be a friendship, connection, a business connection, it could be a spiritual connection and so on, simply by not engaging with the person.

So on the flip side of this,

yesterday, I had a guy I’d met with a friend that is visiting from Hawaii, who I also do some consulting with and I met him through a mutual connection

and decided to because of that connection. We decided to to talk a little bit more and then ended up developing a great friendship. In fact, she’s good at

I’m Sarah house later Later this week for a couple days

and the here’s the thing is that

that connection

a friendship with him not only not only because I could have

at the time I could have blown him off

because he worked for a customer that I was doing some consulting work for and he was essentially an employee and I could have stuck my nose up at him and said said well I you know I’m Mr. Amazing consultant to

they’re paying me a lot of money to be here and you pee on little employee p on little employee and I shall just jog right past you as if you didn’t exist I could have done

I could have I could have totally done that. Right? And there are a lot of people who probably would,


I’m making a point. This is my five minute decision. I make it a point to always connect with just about everybody. If it’s an organization that’s, you know, under 20 people, I’m going to make it a point to connect with just about everyone in that organization. Doesn’t matter if they’re

if they’re the janitor, I literally will connect with the janitor because you you just don’t know if that person what if what if that person is a janitor because they that they had certain circumstances happened but they actually have connections to a lot of other people. Not that you want to do this just so you can get business connections, but you just you never know right? You never

Know so it’s important Good morning how’s it going

so you never ever know

what it’s going to lead to

when you make this connection so with with this particular friend

he was working with this one financial services company and it ended up being not just a friendship because I could have I could have blown him off but I was I became friends not only with him but also with his entire family and

and now we’re actually doing consulting together because the guy is a genius with numbers absolute genius with numbers

and because he’s a genius with numbers, it actually helps me we’re a great duo when we’re going into these

going to going into these different businesses and

Actually some consulting with him because he’s great at looking at how their current profitability and what certain things can change in order to become more profitable, I’m good at then setting up the infrastructure for it

and getting virtual assistants go in and so on.

And so it works out really, really well. In fact, I just did. So yesterday we got out of a meeting with a client that we’re working with, how’s it going man

got out of a meeting with a client that we’re working with where we were sitting, essentially

renegotiate your contract because they saw such massive gains

just basically offer something that was only half of what they what they paid us for. So because of those those games, they wanted us to start doing some of the things that they weren’t paying us for, that we’re kind of out of.

So we’re we we had to renegotiate. And so we’re in talks with that so here is this guy who

if if I did not make the connection we would not be working on these high level contracts

that bring in you know, hundreds of thousands of dollars to both into both of our pockets. I could have literally just jogged right past them stick my nose in the air said you are just a small little pee on Who were you when when I came Dean King Dean

and this high level consultant I literally was would have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars working with him but on top of that, on top of that he yesterday he he introduced me to

He introduced me to somebody that

that is a perfect perfect strategic partner for personal items, virtual assistant, the systems and process virtual assistants that we use there.

And that’s literally just came because he had talked to somebody and was like, wow, this is this is great. And so he’s also referring people for the virtual assistant side of things.

This is


this is where

the topic of this podcast is so important.

It literally takes less than five minutes to make a connection with people. This is why this is so important. It literally takes less than five minutes find out who they are, what they do.

where they live, what their what, what their, what their families like and so on.

And how many times do we literally fail to make these connections

because of some stupid excuse.

I’m jogging. I don’t want to make a connection. I’m at a coffee shop and just ordering a latte. I don’t need to talk to anybody.

I don’t want to go to that networking event. I don’t want to go and reach out to a reach out to somebody at a at a at a prospective agency that could be a potential client. I don’t want to go talk to that person that I see at church every day that I just wave to

Find out what their name is and who they are

how many missed opportunities

I can tell you that the majority of my business has come from

people who I just took the time to get to know

and that’s it.

I took the time to get to know

and they have brought me hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of business.

So if you just want to be pragmatic,

you just want to be pragmatic and just follow the money

the morning

connections that you truly make true connections and true connections don’t have to be super long more connections that you make,

the more

you’re going to see success in

business. And if you want, you’ll see success in everything else as well.

So what are you doing right now? How many connections have you made?

How many connections have you made this week?

And how many

do you plan to make in the next few days?

I just want you to try try and make at least one connection this week with somebody you might be at a Starbucks you might be

somewhere but say hi what your name is what they do where they’re from and so on. Yeah sure nobody does this anymore especially in the city nobody does this

but that’s what makes you different that’s what’s going to bring massive results in less than five minutes all right this is Dean Soto founder of prosulum.com p-r-o-s-u-l-u-m.com. If you want to systems and process virtual assistant that can take anything you’re doing right now you show them in five minutes how to do it, they will document it and then take it over so you never ever have to do it again. Go to prosulum.com

and you can check out freedominfiveminutes.com and get on our mailing list and subscribe to the podcast as well. Once you’re on the on the mailing list, you can subscribe in iTunes. Alright, so all that being said, I will see you in the next freedom in five minutes episode

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