065 FIFM – We Have a Guest – Oliver Kelso

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065 FIFM – We Have a Guest – Oliver Kelso

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This podcast was never meant to have guests.  It was an outlet to tell stories and to help others make life-changing decisions quickly and effectively.  Well… that’s all gone out the window.  Today we have a guest, Oliver Kelso, who is a systems consultant and a very good friend.  Today he shares some 5-minute decisions he’s made that have changed his life.


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Hey this is Dean Soto founder of prosulum.com and freedominfiveminutes.com and we’re here with another freedom in five minutes episode Today’s topic is this we have our first guest that and more coming up

all right good morning we have a very special freedom in five minutes episode today because despite me

kind of coming into this podcast thinking that I would not have any guests on whatsoever because I didn’t want to I made the decision to five minute decision to have a guest on and I might even have some more later on if you’re lucky. Well

See, I’m not sure but the very first guest is actually a very very special one. And he is joining me on from the Soto compound in beautiful Central California and his name is Mr. Oliver Kelso. Hello everyone. Man. So Oliver give you a brief introduction of Oliver so you might not know more than likely you won’t know.

But Oliver

at one point in time was one of my consulting clients and he

he utilized the virtual assistants the five minute assistance that I have at pro salon.com and did some just absolutely amazing things he took he took these guys to the next level he doubled his

Income me like cut his time in half from a daily on a daily basis and the beautiful thing is we’ve become very very very good friends and we’ve even done some cool types of work together and so all that being said Mr. Oliver I wanted to have you on the podcast one to introduce you and to to kind of give a little anecdotal five minute decision that might have changed your life something that that made your life absolutely 100% different than it would have been had you just done nothing so no pressure

but I wanted to do that but the first kind of kind of you can you can kind of get the group going by by just kind of introducing yourself a little bit as well everybody I’m this is all over here. I Dean is correct. I am in beautiful emphasis on view.

Full Southern Cal I mean central Central California with on his amazing property which is amazing

um yeah little background on me I

didn’t have a lot of focus in my work life for a long time

had a decent job didn’t pay that well met Dean

found out what incredible things he does and as a result I have not actually doubled he’s incorrect I’ve

this point quadrupled

monthly income

so my I got Can I told you five minute decisions I made okay so the first five minute decision is big the second one small the first five minute decision was the day I met Dean and he goes hey man the current client I’m working with isn’t really

cutting it but I really need to get this thing done so can we just have lunch together and I said okay

It was a 32nd decision or less that decision changed my life Dean has probably been my most influential friend or one of them to date besides my wife

she’s number one and you know that that decision enabled me to start a whole new business I now do business development consulting as a result of it

I know he’s he’s he’s really really good at it too man he’s he’s like extremely good at it better than me

not true.

I exclusively though use Dean’s VA is because it it makes the whole machine work.

However, the I think the this morning the more impactful five minute decision was when I got a text from Dean while I was in bed half asleep, planning on going back to sleep for another hour that said, Hey, man, you want to come downstairs for my morning walk? I said

okay. Give me five minutes. I literally said that

and you know why let me

tell you why. Because life isn’t comprised of it is comprised of big decisions. And I know that’s the point of your podcast, Dean. So sorry. But life is really comprised of lots of small five minute decisions also. And the entire quality of my day would have been different. If I didn’t get up this morning and go on this walk. It’s gorgeous out here. It’s refreshing. It puts me in the right mindset for the day it’s meditative. It’s wonderful. So to start one’s day off that way, instead of, you know,

doing the usual lounging in bed, waiting for the alarm to jar me out of sleep, and then stumbling around I’ve got out and it’s incredible, so that’s fine. Let’s take this five minute decision. I love it, man. And it’s funny because, you know, a lot of people would say, you know, oh, well, that’s not that big of a deal, right? I mean, if you woke up an hour earlier, or whatever, but yeah, I mean, we’re out here enjoying this. It’s this is a very particular time of day because at least when we’re here, it’s not too cold. It’s not too

Warm you still have like the you you can hear the sounds of the waterfall. You don’t hear any cars, especially on a weekend like this. Oh, by the way, he got up on a weekend which makes it even harder. Yeah, Saturday,

but they even with this is that now we have an hour to to walk. We haven’t had my dog here but we have an hour to walk and talk. And usually at least from our past experience when we’re doing this type of stuff, we have ideas pop up that actually

actually manifest later on in our life. And I mean,

there’s there’s been tons of different times where we’ve been talking or we’ve been at lunch, we come up with an idea and it’s made us a lot of money, right? Yeah. Oh, yeah. So I think we came up with one over that bonfire last night. Yeah, I’m pretty sure yeah.

So, so so the here’s the here’s the big important thing with this is that that that the big big thing is to make a decision just like I’ve been saying in this podcast is that that it’s it’s way better to make a decision and move than to not make a decision decision. In fact, we were just talking last night about some investment decisions. Oliver is extremely good with numbers and with with investments and things like that, and the the thing with with that is that I decided at that point I’m like, know what I’m going to become the student here and I’m going to learn what he knows about this stuff. I’m going to show him my numbers and see where it takes where it takes us. And in fact, at that point in time, we were we were at we were at Cool Hand Luke which is the

A restaurant and here I am making it moving, moving 50 you know, plus thousand dollars from one environment to another. So

that was a five minute decision that that that wouldn’t have happened another way from a ton of money is what it’s going to do is see i love it i love it if you didn’t hear that he said he’s gonna saved me a ton of money. So but the biggest thing one more note, five minute decision. Five Minute decisions that challenge your the status quo I find are often the most impactful. Yeah, for me any five minute decision where I’m like, I don’t want to do this thing and I get up and do it. Yeah, something in me tells me I should do it. Those are the ones I love. It was the ones that are like I love it. It’s my life. I love it. So what can you do today as always action step right. What is one thing that you can do today or or tomorrow maybe it might be waking up

Early maybe it might be just looking at your numbers. It might be looking at your expenses and saying hey I don’t need this thing anymore or might be looking at

something else and actually taking action on it What’s that one thing that you can do

that even if it seems small you make the decision to do it and over time it brings tremendous amount of value to your life. right there’s Dean Soto with freedom in five minutes. Go to pro Suan calm if you want to five minute virtual assistant, someone that you can show how to do something, whether it’s through the through an iPhone video, a screen cast, or even an audio you show them how to do something in five minutes. They documents step by step the entire thing

and then you never have to do it again. They’ll do it forever for you.

Go check that out prosulum.com and go check out freedominfiveminutes.com as well and I will catch you in the next freedom in five minutes episode.

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