066 FIFM – I was Cut!!

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066 FIFM – I was Cut!!

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Often, when you do something that you know you need to do, there will be consequences.  In this episode you’ll hear how getting rid of 2000 people from an email list led me to being removed as a speaker from an even happening in April.

was it worth it?… well, check out the episode and find out.

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Hey this is Dean Soto, founder of prosulum.com and freedominfiveminutes.com and we’re here again with another freedom in five minutes episode Today’s topic is this

I got cut

that end more coming up

well good night this is actually night it is about 1130 and I’m doing this podcast I’m out here in the freezing cold but it’s so worth it to be with you again gosh I’m so sorry that it has been a while man things had been crazy crazy crazy in fact it got crazy right when Oliver the guest our very first guest in the last episode left so

I’m going to get I’ll give you a quick quick preview cuz I’m going to talk about what the craziness was in the next episode. But a quick preview for the next episode we had

literally had five puppies handed to us, and they were crapping all over the place. And it was interesting. It was a test of stress, but it worked out in the end and I’ll tell you how it all worked out in the end in the next episode, but today’s story goes a little bit something like this. So over the last few over the last few weeks, actually I have been preparing for what is called warrior week in the wake of warrior community there is a crucible there is a gauntlet a full

week that you go through if you want to get the whole the entire wake up warrior experience. Okay now I’m not affiliated with wake up warrior at all. I’m not a very affiliated with warrior book but if you have been listening to this podcast for any time you know that that is a big part of my life and a big part that is a big reason why I am even doing this podcast in the first place

it has literally changed my life It has given me the tools to

to not only live a meaningful and a very purposeful life it’s given me the tools to also do things that I would have been terrified

to do in the past

now because of this training that

Basically how it works is where week is one week that you go and lack of a better word, you get the crap beat out of you with a whole bunch of different exercises and things like that. But it’s not meant as not meant to be just like a boot camp type thing. It is meant to unleash a lot of emotions that are within you. And for you to face, your pit face. The things that you lie about, face the things that you are putting on a mask about because we all do this and we lock ourselves into these roles that

that other people try to put us in that we also put on ourselves. Okay, so that is what warrior week is when you were actually there. Of course, I’ve never even been there yet. But this is what I’ve at least from what I’ve seen so far and is a life changing event well

Pretty much a month before going into warrior week, you go into

a preparation mode, you go into a group of a bunch of other guys who have one or two coaches who are preparing you for warrior week. And it is it is not easy. It is not easy at all. Every day, every single day you have something to do you have an assignment and the assignment is something that you cannot escape from

you either you either do it or you don’t go to worry a week

you are a member of the team, but you’re also having to lead at some points and because of all of this, it even though it seems simple.

Even though sometimes it seems repetitive there are a lot of emotions that come from doing this because every day you’re looking at something about yourself and you’re sharing something about yourself with these other men who are essentially become your brothers you’re sharing something about yourself

and slowly slowly starting to unmask the things about you that you’ve hidden or that if they’ve come out you’ve beaten back beat it back into yourself into the way that that that you think you’re supposed to be or other people will come and say, hey, that’s not you. That’s where did that come from? And you go right back here. I you know, you’re right. That was really bad on me to do then you go right back to where you were,

and so on.

Hopefully I’m not waking up my son up there, he always has his window open even though it’s freezing.

And so

with all of this, you’re constantly unveiling things about yourself that

that you that you

just imagine. Imagine if you ask yourself questions about yourself every day, if you really took a hard look at yourself every day, all of the changes that would occur Well, that is what is happening in this case. And a lot of the times is happening even more because not only do you have to look at yourself, you have to process it and explain it to other people.

And so there have been emotions inside of me. There have been things inside of me that I have either never felt before or either

felt him and I’ve suppressed them and there’s things that are going on that


in some respects I like it even though it’s dark

and that sounds very scary. But there are parts of me coming out that

that I that I thought were dark or I thought were not how I should feel or how I should act and it’s coming out and I actually do like it

so which leads me to this entire story of me getting cut from being a speaker at a an Amazon Amazon

event that I was going to speak at in April.



one of the things that came up

is that

I had a very

nice guy demeanor.

And then on top of that, I always wanted to I wanted I had this feeling like this, this fear that I that I wanted everyone to like me and if they didn’t like me, then something was wrong. That’s not me. People have to like me. Everyone likes Dean right everyone like is Dean and so

So through this entire process. I started seeing things specifically about my business where I’m like, you know what,

I have a lot of

People who


I’m basically super boring absolutely super boring especially with the online Empire Academy stuff that I that I had been doing that and I don’t really do much with it anymore but I actually think I am going to do some things with the email list and because I do not

take one side or the other, I do not challenge anybody. I am very very boring on that email list. I have I basically out of you know, I have 2000 I was looking at my Convert Kit. I had 2000 people who had never opened an email for like the last few months and I had been sending email after email after email, trying to give some really valuable stuff but 2000 people who were doing nothing literally just ignoring my email.

know and I’m like, you know what,

one of my things one of the things that I want one of the things that I want

is that

I want to have an impact on people for one and two, I want to hang around with people. I want people to be in my network in my social circles who are getting value from me, okay, value from me


So if when I saw that there were 2000 people who were on my email list who literally never opened up an email in the last few months and I sent at least minimum 10 emails. I looked at that and said, You know what,

I need to I need to give them an ultimatum.

If because here’s, here’s the deal, if they’re on my email list, I’m literally taking value from them. If they’re on my email list, and they don’t want to be, I’m taking value from them. They are,

they are,

they are basically getting their email bought their inbox full. It’s, that’s it, they see an unboxing it, you know, it’s just one added little thing. And literally, that’s taking value. They’re not getting any value from my email. And it’s actually taking value because it’s filling up their inbox,

right? So I’m like, No, I do not want that. That is not how I roll. That is not what I want. And I don’t want to be around people who don’t want to be around me. And so I drafted up an email. This was after some of the warrior exercises I was doing. I drafted up an email and basically said, Okay, look, you have not open an email in 10 days.

And even these emails that as the last few emails I’ve invited you

to the person I’ve invited you to the event that I’m going to speak at plus

invited you to give to get you give you dinner

dinner with me for free at a really nice restaurant I had a really really nice restaurant planned like really really really nice restaurant


and then there you would essentially get one on one coaching and consulting from me so you I would literally pay you to come be with me and to consult just because you’re a member of my community. Right so I so this is what I said in the email I sent you know, hey, you haven’t opened the email

in I’ve sent about 10 and and I’ve even invited you to all these amazing things

you still haven’t opened the


So here’s the thing, here’s the deal. You’re getting subscriber unsubscribed. In fact, the title said, bye bye. You’re being unsubscribed.

So, here

is the here are the three options that you have. The first option is to respond, keep me subscribed. And also, just tell me why you want to stay subscribed.

Second option

is you can reply with a nasty, nasty


you know, and asked me to unsubscribe you. And I put in parentheses you know, these are the loser types. these are these are the people who literally have not opened an email

not open an email in months from me,

but yet when they see that they’re going to be subscribed. unsubscribed.

They look at the email and they go oh how

oh how Dean.

unsubscribe me. Oh my gosh. How Oh my I know they’re clutching their pearls and then they go home well

I’m going to look up the courage to respond to him with a nasty email Oh I’d never wanted to be on your email list anyway Dean yeah let me let me draft up a I had one guy who dropped he drafted up like a huge paragraph

telling me why you know people aren’t opening my emails or whatever and I’m like the dude you literally have not opened up my email any of them until I told you ravines unsubscribed and then now you

you’re going to start coming back. I didn’t respond. I really didn’t even read anything that he wrote.

But now you’re going to come back and just complain and complain and complain. So I said this in parentheses I basically said in the in

in summary I said you know, hey losers are going to complain. So this is number two number two option you know, this is the basically the loser option you know, you can respond with a with a complaint, you can respond with a nasty comment, but that’s what losers do. You know, you you you’ll take action. You won’t take action on me on my dream drop shipping, which I’ve had several people who have become financially free because of that. They won’t take action on systems. They won’t take action on consulting. They won’t take action on my free stuff. They won’t it won’t take any type of action, but they will take action to come back and complain. That’s what losers do. They make some excuse Oh, Dean. I didn’t take action because you guys

Cuz you’re you’re just not this or you’re not that are you know oh gosh Thank you for subscribing me I had I had one guy who’s like thank you for subscribing me I I’ve been trying to unsubscribe forever I don’t like really you don’t know how to frickin click a stupid button at the bottom of an email you’re retarded you could if it was taking you that long you could have replied insistence just said unsubscribe me you’re literally retarded. Okay so

so that was option number two. So anyone who responded with that type of email is a loser they are you know it to to respond with a nasty email like that you’re a loser or Option number three was just click the unsubscribe button and below that’s it. So option number one your winner because you stay on my email list and you want to you actually want to

to, you know, get some good information, you know, and so on so forth. Option number three, you’re a winner because you just said, Okay, yeah, you know, good ideas. Just I’m going to click that unsubscribe button your winner. That’s it. Option number two,

you’re a loser you are because you’re literally taking action to just complain and to make an excuse,


And so

one of the comments in there that I said was, you know, at least I took me at least I forced you to take action on something, even though it was option number two. So you took action on something, even if it was just complaining. So good job. Yay. But But ultimately, it’s Dean, you’re so mean. You’re so mean. Oh, and so

so option number four. There was no option number four, but there were some

People who took an option number four and these are the super duper

super super super losers who

who basically went to the person who was putting on the event

it’s still going to be an amazing event by the way like it’s totally understandable that they you know if they get pressured part part of life not a big deal I’m not worried about it

but went to the person who’s putting on the event and said oh Dean so mean he doesn’t look at what he said he called everyone losers know I called you a loser because you’re the one who is going and just complaining rather than just subscribing or saying, Hey, keep me on the list. You know, because yeah, I do like what you’re doing either one you’re going and complaining. And so they complained. Oh man, gosh, he’s been he said all these bad things. And the host basically said hey, you know,

you know I’m getting a lot of pressure.

Sure and so on and so forth I’m gonna have to remove you as a speaker and I said yeah no problem I was just glad that it happened today because this is I booked my I booked my flight and hotel today and so at least I was able to cancel first class first past fight the flights are not cheap so so yeah that was that that was good

but anyway so yet you know she sent me a nice thing saying hey you know, you know it was gut wrenching when you said this in your email and blah blah blah and you know I can’t you know use the word loser and stuff and I mean if you if once again if you looked at the email literally the only people who were losers are the people who complain who I knew were going to write back with some nasty comment and you know, she asked, you know, you should send you should send an apology, email, and yada yada and I’m like

Know fully understand, thanks for letting me know and canceled no apologies necessary on your part or on my part. And that’s it.

So why is this important? Why is this important? It’s important because there are going to be times where you have to make a decision to essentially cross the Rubicon,

essentially, to go with your heart and to to make a hard decision that, you know, is going to cause some kind of blowback.

You know, it’s going to cause some kind of blowback For me it was getting cancelled and getting a lot of nasty comments and so on and so forth. do I care? No, because guess what, out of this I had two people I had two people, one lady who got burned by some stupid guru

quote unquote guru

Who took all of her money essentially? And what did what did I do? She responded because of that email telling me about all this and I’m giving her free 30 minute free 30 minute consulting session just so I can help her to get back on track.

If I did not do this, I would not help. Her

second person

was a wife who’s taking care of her husband with cancer and has a disabled child

and said that she could not open her my my emails because she was so busy taking care of them but wanted to start an Amazon business

wanted to start an Amazon business

but could not do it because of all the stuff that was happening that she liked.

The content that she loved what I was saying but but I couldn’t but she could not open emails over the last few months because of all of this stuff

and she’s and and because of that I offered actually offered one of my courses to her for free

so that she could build wealth but you know what she did this is a real winner this is a real winner she already had based off of the last email she actually went back and looked at the the emails that I was sending and looked at the merge by Amazon emails that I was sending that had step by step freaking documentation step by step frickin systems

instead I think I’m gonna go with these actually because it’s very, very hands off and it’s perfect for my situation. So had I not sent this email out

how to not send this email out.

You would not have had access or even known I had sent those emails

and her family would continue to suffer would have continued to suffer

that to me those two situations to me

far outweigh getting cancelled far outweigh getting the losers

responding to me the way they were the losers going to the event coordinator

and getting the cancelled and everything like that

far outweigh

there’s gonna be times when you need to make decisions like this

there’s going to be times when you need to make decisions like this for me I’m going to be sharing a lot of inside stuff

with everybody that is in my circle,

so if you’re on this podcast if you’re on my email list and freedom in five minutes calm if you’re on my client with pro Sue

anybody in my social circle is going to start seeing more of my inner workings, things that I’m not going to share. I’m simply not going to share with people who are deadweight

sometimes you’re gonna have to make a decision like this

it’s gonna hurt

and it’s going to challenge you and people are going to say no, that’s not who you are.

That’s not who you are

in a set that time you have to make decision to say you know it should I go back? Yeah. Should I should I should I stay where I’m at and who other

People want me to be or am I going to be real to myself?

So what is one thing right now

that you know deep down inside you need to do

that is going to cause other people

to say that’s not you.

That’s not you.

You’re You’re this person over here.

What’s that one thing that you’ve been dying to do? We’re dying to say

and I challenge you

in five minutes to make the decision to do it

to make the decision to do it. It might be going on to your Facebook group.

or on Facebook in general and saying, Hey, I’m starting a business, this is what I’m doing. I’m going to start a side business. It might be where

you go to your boss, and you say, Hey, you know, this is, you know, I, I deserve a raise, I deserve a raise. Because this is who I am, this is what I’ve been doing for you

might be going to your employees and saying, Hey, we’re going to be measuring here are the measurements that we are going to implement.

And they’re going to say, well, you’re happy go lucky. What? Why would you’ve never had us measure anything before? what’s what’s up with this? And I guarantee you some people are going to not like it. They might leave where they might cause chaos, but when you push through it, it’s going to deliver massive results.

What’s that one thing that you know you need to do?

Alright this Dean Soto freedom in five minutes.com.

com yes is a longer podcast longer podcast but it’s necessary it’s this was a tough one I’m not gonna lie This is tough this is it’s it’s a tough one for me but it feels right it feels right and I know it’s right because I’ve already got to change to people’s lives in a way that I would not have changed them otherwise and I was hoping to change a bunch of people’s lives at this event but

you know

the the losers one that round but there will be plenty more in the future not I’m not worried about it in the least so anyway Dean Soto freedom environments com pros calm and I will see you in the next

freedom in five minutes podcast.

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