067 FIFM – The Problem of Puppies

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067 FIFM – The Problem of Puppies

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You think puppies are cute?  Well, they are.  But… there are certain situations where they become your worst nightmare.   In this episode you’ll hear how 5 cute puppies turned into 5 cute little problems.


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Hey this Dean solo founder of prosulum.com and freedominfiveminutes.com and we’re here again with another freedom in five minutes episode Today’s topic is this

five crappy puppies is no fun that and more coming up.

All right. Good morning. Good morning. So yesterday we were talking about how I got cut from a conference from speaking at a conference because I made the decision to cut 2000 people off my list. And those people complained those people complained to the event coordinator and they said, the event coordinator said I’m gonna have to remove you as the speaker blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Well, that’s all good. So

what happened prior to all of this and I think this this particular story actually had something to do.

Do with me cutting out all those people as well. But what happened prior to all of this is that I had a buddy which he was the he was he was the first guest that we had buddy named Oliver come from Hawaii who was a client of mine still is a client of mine uses my pro some virtual assistants the system’s The only systems virtual systems out there that will offload anything you want in five minutes or less


the but he was out here visiting and actually staying at my place for a little while and and it was toward the end do I want to see it was the day yeah it had to be the day before

Hold on one second. I keep getting a daddy what


keep it here.

Dad Dad

so he so we, I was I was out the way that my my land is as we are surrounded by two creeks they’re both to seasonal creeks and we’re both of these creeks Are you can see that over time a long time over the last few hundred or thousand years these these creeks have eroded these areas into these pretty deep little valleys


these deep little valleys

are they they kind of a little bit too hard to climb and everything like that. But I was out over on my land and I hear these these I hear the this this Oh,

and I’m thinking oh man, a dog just got ran over.

or something like that, because that happens out here in the country. Right? So dog, I thought a dog just rant and got ran over.

Well, I kept on hearing it. And I could not see, I cannot find. I had no idea where these things were or what, what, what it was. And so finally, I saw a little bit of movement, a little tiny bit of movement

across the, across the valley, across the ravine, or whatever it is, whatever you would call it, and,

and I saw it was just like little teeny tiny movements. And so I went and looked closer and I saw that they were puppies Now keep in mind it was raining and raining at the time. And so I’m looking at I’m like, oh crap. So I actually go and tell all of her Hey, come with me. I think I think somebody dumped off some puppies

so I went over, across and

oh, and down into my Creek and then

up the other side, and sure enough, there were puppies on the other side of this ravine. And I called out to him I said, I said, Come here, babies come here and one of them just bolted right to me. bolted right to me. The other one was a little bit hesitant but still didn’t run away but it was a little bit hesitant. One One was kind of like a really cool little white brindle.

The other one was more just cocoa, kind of like a cocoa with a little bit of white spots here and there.

These guys are cute. They had to then maybe eight months old or something like that.

So we grabbed these two puppies and we brought them into our house

and gave in, warm them up, give them food and everything like that. And I was thinking to myself, Wow, this is great. Yeah, that’s fine. Maybe will actually end up keeping one because Luna Luna is getting pretty to the point where she’s she’s. She’s listening. She’s good. We’re good.

And so I thought this what but what what better thing to do then to you know maybe get another dog so now Luna has a friend


after all of this my kids loved it by the way after all of this the next day comes around and I head down to the chicken coop to go let the chickens out. And to do some free ranging and what do I hear?

And I’m like, oh my gosh. Did they let they let the puppies out? Who let the dogs out? Who let the dogs out?

Okay, that was really bad. Anyway, the but did somebody let the puppies out? Well, I go and I head toward where that sound was. And to my surprise, there were

three more


Three more


So I go and grab them. I bring them up and my wife was not excited.

nor was I. I actually had already gotten a crate for the other two. So now we had this huge crate for five puppies.

And the long story short while they were cute and cuddly and they were fun. Holy moly. Did they crap all over they crap all over that pen or that crate and it was one of those wire crates and I did not understand why why people why the breeder that we went to to get Luna said yeah, you don’t want to get any wire crates because I’m thinking Oh, and yeah, there’s not that big of a deal. Well, it’s a big deal when you get teeny tiny specks of poo all over these wire things. So don’t get these wire crates with puppies. By the way, it’s sucks so they’re putting their paws all over it and and

And they were screaming and yelling all night long. It was not I repeat, it was not a fun site five pooping puppies is never a fun site.

So we tried to we tried to get them re homed over here. But it was taking so long we ended up having to go to the to the kind of Humane Society thing that that the Fresno County has and drop them off there. But all in all, there were two big lessons to learn.

There are two big lessons to learn one one is something might look cute, something might look like it’s

like it It wouldn’t be that big of a deal. And it becomes much much harder as it keeps on going. As you let it continue to grow. let it continue to come into your life. It can turn into something that is a little bit


The second thing is that at those points, you have to make a decision. Do you keep on going, do you do? Do we raise those five puppies? Do we? Do we keep going with it? Or do we? Or do we find a quick way to to help these these things. Or even though it might, might not might not be the easiest because it did take me a few hours to go and get to the place

a quick way to get them better help or get to get something to get something done to get something executed. Right. I hear you let me finish my podcast. Thank you.

So So what is the one thing right now that you’ve just you’ve let the the thing kind of pile up, you let it pile up and you haven’t made the decision to actually do something about it. What’s that one thing

Where you’re starting to get more and more puppies that are crapping all over your life. crapping all over the things that you

that you cherish the people whom you cherish as well. We’re starting to affect them what are what is something that you’ve if you know that even though it might be a little bit difficult if you take action right now you will not have to worry about it again. I urge you

in freedom in five minutes fashion to do that one thing do it now and do it as quickly as possible. All right, I’m playing Mr mom right now. So I’m going to head back into the house

go check out proscenium calm prosulum.com and freedominfiveminutes.com and I’ll see you in the next freedom in five minutes. Episode.

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