Month: January 2019

10x Your Business, 10x Your Freedom

053 FIFM – Keep Breaking Those Stones

A follow on to the story in the last podcast. In this episode you will see how every small little stone you make in your life leads to being able to sustain yourself in the rain. The more small stones you have the more you can accomplish without being put in a bad situation.  Check…
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052 FIFM – You Better Crush Rocks Before You Wash Out

 What is your game plan for when things go south? In this episode you are going to hear a pretty cool story about how by just crushing a little rock you can save things from being totally and utterly destroyed. When you have a secondary game plan for when things don’t go the right way…
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051 FIFM – Hold On, You Are Speaking in Generalities

Would you rather have someone be blunt with you or someone who tells you what you want to hear?  Well this is a story about how a prospect ended the conversation early because he was very clear about what he wanted in order to make a deal happen with my systems and process virtual assistant…
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050 FIFM – Pay Me What I’m Worth, Baby!

In a perfect world people will pay you what you are worth.  Whether it’s with their time, talents, or treasure, they would see the value that you are bringing to their lives and repay you accordingly. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world.  We live in a place where you need to show why…
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049 FIFM – Hey Man, Where is My Money?

 Are you making the decision to collide with those who need to get smacked upside the head? If not, then you need to because it’s the only way to get results and feedback.  It’s hard for introverts to confront people who have wronged them, but once you see the results of standing up for yourself…
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048 FIFM – With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies

 Quick story about investments and how choosing to speak up and collide can lead to great data and results. Check out this episode!

047 FIFM – Why Are You Not Listening to Me?

What people say is not always what they mean. In this episode, you’ll hear a story about how a phone call that was going well ended up becoming a potentially lost sale because I was not listening.  A lot of times when communicating with other people, You’ll find that they say one thing but they…
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Freedom in Five Minutes DV-2019-01-12-110412

Interesting story today where a friend got laid off.  We both worked with the same group for a while and out of the blue, they let them go.  For a long time, Marisa had a bad feeling about the company, especially since they kept changing business models every second.  Well, it finally caught up with…
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046 – Disliked in Less Than 5 Minutes

When you do something big you are going to get a lot of haters.  Part of making big decisions is being okay with getting rejected.  It’s just a part of the game and something to expect.  In this episode, you’ll hear how I got rejected and what I did about it.  You can do the…
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044 FIFM – Trust the Process

In this episode, you will hear a story about a customer being saved. Because of a follow-up process that was put in place, what would have normally been a lost client turned into a signed agreement.  It’s crazy how when you trust a process and keep going with it massive results will happen.  the hardest part…
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