Month: January 2019

10x Your Business, 10x Your Freedom

043 FIFM – Stop Losing Customers Because You Are Afraid

Are you too afraid to win customers?  In this podcast you’ll learn how to make the decision to collide and win more customers despite being afraid. Check out this episode!

042 FIFM – You Are Not a Good Fit

In this episode, you’ll learn about landmine questions and why you need to stick with them.  When you compromise your position in order to win a customer you are already losing.  This is not only pertinent to business but also with everyday decisions. Check out this episode!

041 FIFM – Do Unto Others

You’ve heard the saying do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Well it’s true. The more that you do for others without any expectation of a return the more that things actually come back to you. In this episode I talk about this very thing when it comes to one of…
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040 FIFM – How to Increase Your Viewership By 20% This Month

In this episode, you’ll learn how one simple trick can help you to increase your listenership by 20%.  It may not be pretty and may not be what you’d expect but it has been working for me now and will in the future. Check out this episode!