Month: February 2019

10x Your Business, 10x Your Freedom

059 FIFM – I Have a Fever… and It’s Not for More Cowbell

Sometimes setting up systems do not need to be for financial purposes but for emotional well being.  In this episode, you’ll hear how systems can bring unity and help to your family when things go bad. Check out this episode!

058 FIFM – Sledding on a Wednesday? I Want That!

In this episode you’ll hear a story about a client of mine who I envied because of their large company, but in the end they also envied me because of my lifestyle.  Check out this episode!

057 FIFM – Holes in The Wall Can Be Good and Bad

In this episode, you’re good to hear a really cool story of how two people can have to completely different views in a particular situation. One of the most beneficial things that you can do that leads to success is to see things objectively. A lot of times you don’t see things the way they…
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056 FIFM – You Life Won’t Be On Fire When It’s Still Damp

 We all want a life that is completely on fire. Whether we feel totally on fire healthwise, family-wise, or business-wise, we want life is exciting and full of adventure and fun. This morning I was out burning some things but they wouldn’t light up because they were still damp. That is also the case as…
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055 FIFM – A Little Snow Goes a Long Way

When you don’t have something you appreciae it more when you get it. Check out this episode!

054 FIFM – Colliding in the New Year

In past episodes we talked about colliding with other people and how once you make the decision to collide you start getting feedback. In this episode, we’re couldn’t dive a little bit deeper with a story about how I was able to save about $6-$7000 if not more because of the decision to collide. The…
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