Month: April 2019

10x Your Business, 10x Your Freedom

074 FIFM – Can Your Business Handle a Rattlesnake?

How does a dog getting bit by a rattlesnake have anything to do with your business.  Well, listen and find out how if you are not prepared for things like this then you don’t have much freedom in your business at all. Check out this episode!

072 FIFM – Don’t Be a One-Dimensional D-Bag

It’s easy to be good at one or two things in your life, but to be great in all dimensions is what brings long-term joy and happiness.  In this we talk about how to master all dimensions of life. Check out this episode!

072 FIFM – Respect Brings Success

We all want success but do you have respect?  Respect is what brings success and if you don’t have it you will ultimately fail.  Check out this episode!

071 FIFM – Make The Decision To Give Yourself a Break

The title says it all. 😉 Check out this episode!

070 FIFM – You Don’t Get What You Don’t Ask For

Often the reason why you don’t get what you want is because of one simple thing… you never asked. In this episode, you’ll hear how one simple demand changed my entire life for the better. Making up complicated reasons as to why you are not seeing results is one of the most dangerous things. It’s…
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069 FIFM – I Don’t Talk to Robots!!!

In this episode you’ll hear a story about a business owner who wants to break a contract but refuses to talk with robots.  I know that sounds strange, but it’s true.  If you want to break a contract without a penalty then make sure that you talk to robots. Check out this episode!