Month: December 2018

10x Your Business, 10x Your Freedom

039 FIFM – Make the Decision to Be Real

 Are you ready to make 2019 the year that you decide to be real? In this podcast we talk about how when you make the decision to be real with yourself and with others that a whole new world opens up. The only way to have real relationships, real sales, and any kind of depth…
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037 FIFM – Don’t Stop Hitting Those Base Hits

You are bombarded every day with stories of instant success and homeruns.  The problem is that it rarely ever happens like it does in television and movies.  In this episode you’ll see why you need to make the decision to hit base hits every day and how they are going to bring you the big…
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How to Make Remote Employees Feel Connedcted

How to Make Remote Employees Feel Connected

Aside from all of the benefits of having remote employees there is one problem that consistently comes up as an employer… How to make remote employees feel connected to your organization. In this article I would share some proven tips that you can implement right away to help your employees feel like they are a…
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Standard Operating Procedures for Small Business Owners How To

The above video is a great introduction to Standard Operating Procedures for Small Business Owners.  Having great SOPs is the #1 way to grow wealth and freedom for your business. 0:00 Hey this is Dean Soto with and I’m going to share with you in this video the number one way to grow your wealth…
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