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068 FIFM – The Power of Being Truly Yourself

Warrior Week was an amazing experience and in this episode you’ll hear how being truly yourself can impact you and others in ways you can’t even imagine.   Check out this episode!

067 FIFM – The Problem of Puppies

You think puppies are cute?  Well, they are.  But… there are certain situations where they become your worst nightmare.   In this episode you’ll hear how 5 cute puppies turned into 5 cute little problems.   Automated transcript below ——–‘ 0:00 Hey this Dean solo founder of and and we’re here again with another…
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066 FIFM – I was Cut!!

Often, when you do something that you know you need to do, there will be consequences.  In this episode you’ll hear how getting rid of 2000 people from an email list led me to being removed as a speaker from an even happening in April. was it worth it?… well, check out the episode and…
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065 FIFM – We Have a Guest – Oliver Kelso

This podcast was never meant to have guests.  It was an outlet to tell stories and to help others make life-changing decisions quickly and effectively.  Well… that’s all gone out the window.  Today we have a guest, Oliver Kelso, who is a systems consultant and a very good friend.  Today he shares some 5-minute decisions…
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064 FIFM – Don’t Underestimate the Power of Connections

Imagine what would happen if you took less than 5-minutes to make a connection with someone new?  In this episode you’ll hear a story of how a few connections turned into 6-figure contracts.  There are so many times during the day where we are too busy to pay attention to people and to introduce ourselves. …
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064 FIFM – Build Something Bigger Than Your Own Dreams

 We talk a lot about scaling and building out systems in this podcast, but one thing that I don’t think we’ve talked about ever is building something that can outlast you. In this episode you hear a story about how one person who is very near and dear to my heart has created something that…
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063 FIFM – There is Always a Way to Get Something Done

What are some things that you put off over and over again?  Who are people who you ignore on a regular basis?  We are so good at finding excuses not to even spend a minute or two to respond to someone.  In this episode, you’ll hear how once you stop making excuses for yourself as…
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062 – Don’t Criticize When You First Meet

 In this episode you’re gonna hear a pretty funny story about somebody who offered some advice right away. No questions, no asking why something is the way it is, just a full on going into consultant mode without knowing the full story. Here’s the thing though, we all do this. I do this and you…
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061 FIFM – We All Need a Walk

If you know dog psychology, you’d know that one of the necessities of life for dogs is to take a walk every day.  Well, guess what…You need a walk too. In American culture, it’s common for people to give up what they want in order to serve others. That’s fantastic, however, you need to see…
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059 FIFM – I Have a Fever… and It’s Not for More Cowbell

Sometimes setting up systems do not need to be for financial purposes but for emotional well being.  In this episode, you’ll hear how systems can bring unity and help to your family when things go bad. Check out this episode!