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048 FIFM – With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies

 Quick story about investments and how choosing to speak up and collide can lead to great data and results. Check out this episode!

047 FIFM – Why Are You Not Listening to Me?

What people say is not always what they mean. In this episode, you’ll hear a story about how a phone call that was going well ended up becoming a potentially lost sale because I was not listening.  A lot of times when communicating with other people, You’ll find that they say one thing but they…
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Freedom in Five Minutes DV-2019-01-12-110412

Interesting story today where a friend got laid off.  We both worked with the same group for a while and out of the blue, they let them go.  For a long time, Marisa had a bad feeling about the company, especially since they kept changing business models every second.  Well, it finally caught up with…
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046 – Disliked in Less Than 5 Minutes

When you do something big you are going to get a lot of haters.  Part of making big decisions is being okay with getting rejected.  It’s just a part of the game and something to expect.  In this episode, you’ll hear how I got rejected and what I did about it.  You can do the…
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044 FIFM – Trust the Process

In this episode, you will hear a story about a customer being saved. Because of a follow-up process that was put in place, what would have normally been a lost client turned into a signed agreement.  It’s crazy how when you trust a process and keep going with it massive results will happen.  the hardest part…
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043 FIFM – Stop Losing Customers Because You Are Afraid

Are you too afraid to win customers?  In this podcast you’ll learn how to make the decision to collide and win more customers despite being afraid. Check out this episode!

042 FIFM – You Are Not a Good Fit

In this episode, you’ll learn about landmine questions and why you need to stick with them.  When you compromise your position in order to win a customer you are already losing.  This is not only pertinent to business but also with everyday decisions. Check out this episode!

041 FIFM – Do Unto Others

You’ve heard the saying do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Well it’s true. The more that you do for others without any expectation of a return the more that things actually come back to you. In this episode I talk about this very thing when it comes to one of…
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040 FIFM – How to Increase Your Viewership By 20% This Month

In this episode, you’ll learn how one simple trick can help you to increase your listenership by 20%.  It may not be pretty and may not be what you’d expect but it has been working for me now and will in the future. Check out this episode!

039 FIFM – Make the Decision to Be Real

 Are you ready to make 2019 the year that you decide to be real? In this podcast we talk about how when you make the decision to be real with yourself and with others that a whole new world opens up. The only way to have real relationships, real sales, and any kind of depth…
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